Green Chemicals & Pressure Washers


The Right Combination for Exceptional Cleaning

Pressure washers are the best option for cleaning the tough dirt and grime from a wide range of hard surfaces. However, it is possible to boost the cleaning results of power cleaners further by combining them with green chemicals. Let us look at a few examples.

Graffiti Removal

Removing graffiti from hard surfaces, like concrete, can be a tough and time-consuming job. Even after hours of scrubbing, concrete walls may not be completely free from graffiti. When the concrete walls have absorbed the paint, you need something more powerful than scrubbing or the application of highly-pressurized water. To remove virtually all traces of paint from concrete walls, you need to use pressure cleaners with green chemicals. 

The green cleaning products that have been specifically formulated to remove graffiti can penetrate the pores of concrete surfaces. These green solutions contain lifters and emulsifiers to breakdown the paint molecules, emulsify them in water, and lift them to the surface so that they can be easily blasted away with pressure washers. Green cleaners are also capable of preventing paint particles from re-attaching to concrete surfaces. The combination of wheeled or truck mounted pressure washers and green cleaners is the ideal way to ensure graffiti residues are removed entirely.

Cleaning Concrete

Even professional cleaners are not enthusiastic about cleaning stained concrete surfaces. However, you can avoid hiring outside professionals and accomplish outstanding results on your own if you attack the concrete surface with cold water, hot water, or steam pressure washers and green concrete cleaners. 

Plant-based, biodegradable, and non-toxic concrete cleaners from leading suppliers feature advanced cleaning technologies for aggressively attacking and removing grime and stains from concrete surfaces. These green chemicals use an encapsulation and emulsification process: nano-sized molecules that combine green concrete cleaners breakdown dirt/grease molecules and emulsify these particles in water. This enables users to quickly blast the encapsulated particles away. The best green concrete cleaners also feature powerful and safe ingredients that help in removing stubborn rust stains. Combining green concrete cleaning solutions with the advanced power or pressure cleaners is the best way to restore concrete surfaces.

Auto Detailing

There are many models of steam pressure washers available on the market suited for auto detailing applications. Super-heated steam, up to 330°F, provides cleaning power while low pressure levels, below 1500 psi, prevent scratches and damage to vehicle surfaces.

For the best cleaning results, use the combination of steam pressure washers and green car wash chemicals. These green cleaners work together with pressure washing machines to remove dirt, mud, grease, bugs, road salt, grime, tree sap, and other residues from different surfaces of the vehicle like glass, engines, wheels, and tires. Since the ingredients in these green auto detailing cleaners have been sourced from nature, even concentrated forms of the cleaner will not damage vehicle surfaces the way harmful chemical cleaners can.

These days, specific green cleaners are available that can be used for cleaning vehicle parts such as tires, glass, carpets and upholstery, interior hard surfaces, and exteriors.

These are just three of the many pressure washing applications that can benefit from the addition of green chemicals to your mobile, stationary or truck mounted pressure washers.