Pressure Washers and Mobile Auto Detailing: Don't Make the Wrong Choice!

Truck mounted pressure washers are certainly a strong choice for auto detailing jobs. Unfortunately, many people end up using the wrong type of pressure washing equipment on vehicles, resulting in damage. In other cases, they invest in pressure washing machines not made with quality components. To get the most out of your pressure washer, you need to know how to choose the best model for cleaning cars.

The Wrong Choice

When it comes to conventional high pressure washers, pressure levels range as high as 7000 psi. This is too strong for cleaning auto bodies and can damage paint and cause dents in the vehicle. It is essential that the pressure washing machines you use have the right pressure levels, ideally no higher than 1500 psi. This is gentle enough to use on sensitive surfaces and tough enough to remove stains, grease, tree sap, salt, and dirt deposits. Another problem people face with high pressure washers is their excessive use of water in areas where proper drainage may not be available. This can lead to water drainage fines. Using pressure washing machines with flow rates as low as 0.5 GPM is a far more efficient choice.

Another mistake some people make is opting for steam cleaners for cleaning car exteriors. There are many reasons why this will not work. Unlike pressure washers, steam cleaners use the power of superheated water to dissolve substances off the surface. Despite their effectiveness in cleaning, they merely displace residues. The constant wiping required to completely remove residues can damage the vehicle's painted exterior. Both traditional high pressure washers and steam cleaners are inefficient for cleaning automobiles and trucks.

Some buyers encounter problems when shopping for pressure washing machines with the right flow and pressure rates, but low quality components. Some retailers may try to push substandard products on their customers. But with low quality products you pay more in the end. Cheaply made truck mounted pressure washers with shoddy components will not clean effectively. These machines have a relatively short life span and usually require repair on a regular basis. Using quality pressure washers from reputable suppliers will ensure durable construction capable of handling rigorous jobs.

The Right Choice

Mobile and truck/trailer mountable pressure washers are ideal for auto detailing applications. They provide operators with the mobility necessary to get the job done. Stationary units are another alternative for car detailing professionals with their own car washing facilities. 

In addition to the various configurations available, there are a variety of pressure levels, flow rates, and temperature settings that are suitable for cleaning vehicles. Pressure levels should not exceed 1500 psi. Flow rates can be as low as 0.5 GPM and still work effectively. For temperature, the best option for car detailing applications is steam. Steam power, at temperatures up to 330°F, enables users to melt away grease, dirt, tree sap, and other residues that tarnish vehicles surfaces. Tri-mode machines are also available from top suppliers, enabling operators to use cold water, hot water, and steam as needed.