Best Electric Pressure Washer: Pros and Cons

An electric pressure washer operates using electricity as its power sources. And just like gas-operated ones, electric powered washers also have pros and cons. But generally speaking, any kind of pressure washer is far much better than using a garden hose directly to clean tough surfaces. Such machines are not as sophisticated as one might think. Besides being efficient, they also consume only 80 percent of the water a garden hose need. The best electric pressure washer for a cleaning job is the one that works fast and efficiently, and can also help the user save money.Electric Pressure washers are mainly two types Light duty And Medium Duty .


How Does It Work

An electric pressure washer has very few main parts namely – electric motor, water pump, high-pressure hose, water inlet, and the cleaner attachment. Once the machine is plugged into the power outlet and the trigger is pulled, the water is pushed by water pump and runs through the hose until it comes out of the detachable nozzle of the cleaning attachment. A running faucet is usually the source of water. In most cases, the water inlet has a filter to stop dirt and other debris from entering the machine. There are many kinds of cleaning attachment, depending on the surface for cleaning.

For more efficient cleaning, users can also add detergent to hot water. Cold water is not good when mixed with powder cleaners because of the slower dissolving process. In addition, detergents are only applicable to pressure washers that use a wide spray pattern. Wrong use of detergents may cause damage to the internal parts of the machine. For best results, it is better to rinse the area first with plain water, followed by the detergent wash, and plain water again for the final rinse. Testing the water pressure and spray pattern is also recommended, before the actual cleaning.


They are relatively quite; no need for hearing protection. Unlike gas pressure washers that produce at 85 decibels (dBA), an average electric pressure washer produce 78 dBA of sound.

Most are compact and lightweight, making them very easy to bring and store.

Unlike gas-operated ones, electric pressure washers can be used in both indoor and outdoor cleaning activities. They also require less ventilation.

Because they have few parts, this makes them easy to maintain.

Very affordable, and does not really consume so much power.


Because of its small size, most are not designed for heavy-duty cleaning purposes. Electric motors have low power output and cannot generate high PSI and GPM that gas-operated pressure washers do.

Most do not have long power cords, and therefore need extension cord. But sometimes, extension cord can cause the machine to run slower than its rated power.

Power cords can also cause accidents

Although some can be operated using rechargeable batteries, outdoor use is very limited due to the time required to recharge them.

Some feature low-quality plastic water inlet that can easily be damaged after prolong use.

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AR Blue Clean AR383 – Best Electric Pressure Washer

The AR Blue Clean AR383 is a product of Annovi Reverberi, a well-known Italian manufacturer of high pressure pumps. Being advertised as a product of AR North America, this cold water electric pressure washer produces 1900 PSI of water pressure at a maximum volume of 1.5 GPM. The unit is being powered by a 14 amp, 1.5-HP universal electric motor. It has a power cord of 30 feet long and uses 120 V, while the 20-foot hose comes with a hand crank. However, some users claim that the plastic hose adapter is weak and can easily leak. The machine is made of copper, aluminum, and plastic.

This AR Blue Clean AR383 pressure washer is built in an upright style that stands like a plastic vacuum cleaner, and measures 28.5 H x 12.25 W x 11.25” D. The product is equipped with the Annovi Reverberi Triplex 3 axial-piston wobble-plate pump that has tempered stainless steel plungers. It has a fully adjustable spray head assembly and includes a detergent tank, detergent injector, and a water filter. The spray wand has a safety valve with an automatic shut off feature on the pump head. The Total Stop System (TSS) is responsible for the automatic start/stop function of the machine.

AR Blue Clean AR383 comes with a two-wheel trolley mounted unit with a handle and a built-in hose reel. But then, some users complained that there are times that the hose is difficult to get from the reel and return it back. The sound being produced is noted to be manageable, which is common to all electric pressure washers. Among the accessories included in the package are attachable foamer/soap bottle, gun-wand, and a detergent injector kit. In general, this AR Blue Clean AR383 is designed to provide an efficient cleaning method and to bring comfort to the users, plus the price is low enough.