Pressure Washer Wand Information Guide

A pressure washer wand is one of the most useful accessories of pressure washers. Once it is connected with the trigger of spray gun and the user squeeze the trigger, water passes through the wand and out of the nozzle and becomes a high pressure spray. Pressure washer wands are extensions designed to provide convenience to users, and to produce faster and more efficient cleaning results. Some brands are compatible with all the common brands of wands, but there are brands that are only exclusively for their washer products and will not work properly with other brands.

Electric pressure washers produce less power than gas powered ones. This is why most of their spray wands are made of plastic. On the other hand, wand extensions for gas pressure washers are usually made of heavy-duty aluminum or steel. For users who frequently change the spray pattern, wands with a quick-connector is recommended. There are also spray wands that have an adjustable nozzle, where users can easily switch from one spray pattern to another. However, it is not economical and practical to use a professional-grade wand for simple consumer-grade power washers only.|

Types of Pressure Washer Wand

There are four different types of pressure washer wands, which depend on the usage and the convenience it can provide to the user.

Dual wands – These wands have two nozzles: one for dispensing chemicals and one for water only. Users can easily switch from applying the cleaning solution to rinsing with water. This can be done by turning the side facing the handle, then turning it back to resume water washing. Dual pressure washer wands significantly allow faster work.

Flexible wands – Also called gutter cleaners, this type is ideal for cleaning around cars, around the corners, and under low ledges. Users can bend it, twist it, turn it, or returning it to the original position, without affecting the amount of water pressure. Flexible wands also avoid the user from getting wet and to have more control over the water coming out from the machine.

Telescopic wands – This type of wand helps users to extend the reach of the pressure washer several feet away from the machine, without the need of a ladder or stretching his arms and body. Fiberglass telescoping wands are usually the cheapest and the lightest, and they are being used to spray cold water. On the other hand, aluminum telescoping wands are quite expensive and heavier. They are usually used in hot-water pressure washers, and for professional use.

Ventilated grip wands – As the name implies, this type of spray wand ventilates the hand of the user. It offers a cooler handle, which brings comfort to the user as hot water passes through the wand. Besides being able to adjust it to a more comfortable position, users can also use vented grip wand continuously without feeling the excessive heat from the hot water.

Karcher Right Angle Wand

The Karcher Right Angle Wand is designed for electric pressure washers only. It is easy to assemble and use as extension. This product is made of both metal and a high grade thick plastic, and therefore not recommended for gas powered washers. Once assembled, this Karcher wand is 30 inches long and weighs 1.78 pounds. The assembled height is 2 inches, while the assembled width is 4.8 inches. Despite being an environmentally-friendly tool, kickback can occur during flow of high pressure water once the trigger is squeezed. Using both hands to hold the wand is highly recommended.

This 90-degree spray lance is designed to clean hard-to-reach areas such as tire walls and roof gutters. This wand is not extendable and has no pressure adjustment. And because this is not a universal wand and has different coupling with the other brands, it is only applicable to Karcher pressure washers up to 2, 300 per square inch. To rotate the bend of the wand, loose the joint where the metal part and the plastic wand meet each other. The brass nozzle can be rotated 360 degrees by removing the tip and rotating the nozzle. This feature avoids the user from bending while removing road salt under the car.

Although designed to be used with an extension wand, some users claim that they cannot attach it at all. In addition, there are users who are worried about the quality once it is attached to various extension wands. This reaction is common to users of plastic spray wands who operate pressure washers in the maximum level of water pressure. Karcher protects buyers of this product by providing a 90-day warranty. Price may be high at first glance, but can be reasonably low when it comes to features and convenience being offered to users.